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Vibration Indicator Function:
Jewelry-grade ceramic mouthpiece that can be folded
All-ceramic chamber with an oval design for better heat contact
OLED screen with adjustable temperature per degree
Timer setting to control the heating time
Removable 18650mAh Samsung battery and micro USB port
Magnetic mouth cap and ceramic screen

This device is the latest addition to the line. Starry 3.0 has a vibration indicator function. When the set temperature is reached and the working time is over, the body will vibrate to announce it. It features an all-ceramic heating chamber with an oval design for better heat flow throughout the chamber and avoiding hot spots. The ability to adjust the temperature per degree and the timer setting to regulate the duration of the heat make this device very user-friendly. The micro USB port and removable battery ensure long-term use.
The frequency of cleaning depends on the use. For heavy users, cleanse once a week. To clean the Starry 3.0, brush off the excess herb and wipe the chamber with rubbing alcohol.


1. Vibration Indicator:
2.15S fast heating
3. Working time: 5 minutes or 10 minutes;
4. Ceramic Chamber:
5.Samsung 2600mAh battery
6. battery changeable
7.USB charging
8. Portable Size:
9.OLED screen
10. Ceramic Mouthpiece and Filter

Kit contents:
1*XMAX starry sky
1 * Cleaning Kits (spoon, brush, tweezers)
1 * USB Cable
3 * screens (2 pcs chamber + 1 pc mouthpiece)
2*Nozzle O-ring
2 * Mouthpiece Silicone Cap
1 * Gift Box:
1 * manual:

Battery Capacity 18650 3.7V 2600mah
Charger/ Output voltage 5.0 V/1 A
Charging Micro USB Charging
On/Off Press the on/off button for 3 seconds
Safety Power Duration 5 minutes and 10 minutes optional
Heating chamber Ceramic with built-in heating element
Screen OLED
Temperature range 100℃-240℃(212℉-464℉)
Size 110mm*35mm*24mm(4.31*1.37*0.94in)

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